Monday, April 12, 2010

charity drive v6ers wz TV3

On 11/04/2010 Sunday, as early as 7am, we drove to our rendezvous point at north sungai petani toll. everyone arrive as usually late (predicted) hahha 11am only all and everyone arrive and we headed toa place called taman jubilee for a very late breakfast.... or some of us consider it as brunch!!!!

We recieve call from Bersamamu TV3 crew saying there will be a few lag in time schedule as they need to shoot all in perfect condition ( thanks to some of our member who main banyak masa shooting hahaha). So we drove to the selected house to give a hand and manage to settle house shooting at 3.30pm.

Next we convoy again to Radix Fried Chicken as we the one choose that place for lunch for the poor family and TV3 crew where most of the men beramas mesra wz the crew esp the hostess (dem u guys!!!) gatai x sudah....

All of a sudden the crew call up for me to show our friendliness wz the kids...and guess what. I were so friendly untill my batteries run low (more exhaused than any sport) but manage to get the attention of the host of the show..(at least m still single hahaha)

before we depart most of the ladies and missus also take their chances for picture and autograph.... and so do the guys!!! (still gatai walau bini ngan tunang ada kat situ!!)

Aaaaaaand were off to our home leaving the memories and we manage to get an unoficial contract for next event join venture wz TV3.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

april entry

todate is the second month i'm in berjaya resort langkawi.. so far so good but i've noticed there's a bad politic going on and some of who are gila pangkat people... well WTF!! u do ur business i'll do mine!

my target is trying to be here for a year at least!!! well i will try.

we'll see hehehehehehehhe....