Saturday, May 16, 2009

Night Rider 2009? Nah!!!

Since February i was unable to drive my "dark horse" as the long shaft was broken... and since then also it's going thru slow transformation from a flat black colour with not so good condition engine to this new born "dark horse". here are some photo taken as it's new colour are no longer the plain black... but a colour chose from a ssyanyong list.. A pearly brown & gold... also a new design bumper and some custom made wide body... enjoy the pictures.
during the paint removal process and making the custom widebody

fixing the rear which got f**ked by some idiot

the cement process.. look ugly huh?!faceless???

new design? just crazy bout skyline..hehe

look at the widebody custom...

Look at the end result....... nice huh?!

Well.... i'm happy with the result... but i wont show you what i've done with the head light as it only visible at night... my own handy work of eagle eye!! i'll post in later in next entry.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

next destination...

balik jitra.......

well, it's not my hometown or anything.... but there's something special there!!!

yeay!! and maybe drive to bukit kayu hitam too... but unfortunately i can't take my drift machine with me as it still in the other hospital ... this time all the major operation has completed, only recovery that left. the stiches for the scratches on her body...

so i'll be going with my trusty MyV6... hehehe