Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My PDB 2772 in 'hospital'.

Well... it's been a while (again ) since i wrote something bout my car. Well what actually happen is, since i came back from the convoy from Bukit Merah Lake Town, my FR snap and causes my car to shake like an earthquake and at the same time making my sunroof run OFF ALIGNMENT!! and break into small pieces.... so my car has been in the 'hospital' since.

something amiss here... my engine!!

They took out the heart for a major operation

Result of the faulty FR.....

That was 23rd february 2009. tha date my baby got admitted at Pelangi Auto, Sungai Ara... a small workshop which so down to earth and the staff there are so nice and treat all car like their own... seriously!!Two of the staff of pelangi....... the only two staff hehehe

It's complete..... so the next thing is to fix my sunroof!!

The operation was a success and nexy in line is to fix my sunroof and re-paint my car, but i don't really know which colour to put on.... either subaru blue with silver sticker, or maintain my v6 black and put some gold sticker with clear finish, or a dunhill red with black mustang lining... so give me some idea.

Anyway, not like i'm rich or what but this thing need some attention like the owner himself. I will post the result later or the process for the transformation.... chiow!!!!