Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Blog... my blog..


I may not be the right man for you.
I never been there for you.
I didn't have anything or try to be everything in your life...
but most of all... i've fail to be the one for you..

What's the point in being someone in their life if you can't be someone in your own!!
Yes! i'm not the riches man alive, but i also broke in many ways.
What's the use if you can't even survive on your own, so how can i help u survive.
I never have enough money to buy you stuff.. nor do i have enough time to go and take you on a holiday..

What's the point in keeping me! a guy who always broke and pennyless!!
There's a saying "if you love someone, let them go..if that can make them happy in one way or another"
I'm letting you go because i don't think i can give you the happiness that you trully deserved!!
I can see your suffering since you with me.
I can see your tears everytimes you're with me.
I can see that you put too much hope in me!!

It's true that it's hurt.. "teruskanlah..."
Don't take this the wrong way..
But say what you want to say..
I'm not the perfect guy people see..
There's things in my heart i don't want people to see..
The miserable side of me..

All i wish is you to be happy with someone that can really... really make you happy!
Just let me live in my own world... my misserable pathetic life..

Once again....
Sorry for this life i've given you...
For the pain i've caused you..
Most of all... for the hope i've given you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

screeeeekkkk... BAMMMM!!!!!

On 11 sept '09 at 2050hrs right after my car club v-sixers event, a "buka puasa sampai buncit event" finished we've done solat maghrib & isya' (there a surau build in the kedai seafood where we melantak) jemaah and konvoi to queensbay, But on our way in convoy formation, a very stupid driver mencelah masuk right infront of me and brake!!...and BAMMMM!!!

The whole convoy turn back and gathered to look a my damage and the stupid driver came out and shake our hand apologising shaking.... literally he was shaking!! So we lectured him NOT TO ENTER ANY CONVOY FORMATION.... and we mean ANY!!!! (luckily i'm not the punch first ask question later kind of guy)

So in action to save my NCB for my insurance i will be paying my repair cost on my own!! shit! My NCB is at 45% which mean i'm only paying RM5++ for my yearly road tax + insurance instead of RM1+++... fuhhh~ (imagine paying every year)

So, for those driver out there.... take note. DO NOT ENTER ANY CONVOY FORMATION WHEN U CAME ACROSS ONE!!!!! You might not get a friendly guy like me...hehehe.

Sorry no pic to upload as all the pic we took were not clear as that area was dark.... But, shit happen and we must bare it no matter how hard.